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Little walk around a park and pond in Stockholm, Sweden.

Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden

Ray & Sherry

Ray and Sherry Peterson in Stockholm, Sweden

Lars & Severin

The Peterson brothers having fun with a cheesey pose on a bridge in Stockholm


Panorama picture of a harbour in Stockholm, Sweden

Large Graffiti

A building sized graffiti piece found during one of our Sweden walks


One of our awesome guides Gabriella. She is very upbeat and bubbly fun.

Park Fountain

A gorgeous fountain found on a walk in Sweden.

Vasa Ship

Vasa set sail in 1628 and sank in stockholm harbour. spent 333 years under the sea then was salvaged in 1961 and is 98 percent original.

The Stare

Welcome abroad…you mean aboard? (long stare) both!!!

Water Tower

An old water tower converted into condominiums in Kalmar, Sweden

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar castle in Kalmar, Sweden. There was a great tour throught the castle as well.


Our king of a guide who is as knowledgable as he is funny. Excellent in everyway.


life jackets from the refugees that came over from Syria.

Fountain in Denmark

One of the many very cool fountains in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Opera House

The Opera House from across the water in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Viking Museum

A panorama of the Viking ship museum in Denmark.

Inside Viking Museum

Couple of the neat things located within the Viking Museum in Denmark.


An awesome day out touring Ærø (pronounced “air-rue”) Denmark.

Ray Handing Out Canada Day Goodies

Ray giving everyone on the tour limited edition glow in the dark Canadian Toonies for Canada day.

Canada Day in Ærø Denmark

The Canadians on the tour made Pål an honourary Canadian for the day in Ærø, Denmark :)

Bike Ride in Ærø Denmark

Bike Ride in Ærø Denmark :)

Vacation Homes

Cool little vacation homes. Located in Denmark.


On the overnight ferry from Denmark to Oslo, Norway. Entering Oslo fjrod.

Opera House

The opera house and iceberg art in front of it, Oslo, Norway. It's all marble and considered art so you can walk to the top of the building.

Group Shot

A group shot of everyone on our Scandanavian Tour.

Panorama From The Opera House

A panorama from on top of the opera house. Part of our day to ourselves.

The Angry Boy

It is considered good luck to touch the Angry Boy's Golden Hand in Frogner Parks' Vigeland installation.

Frogner Park Fountain

The Vigeland Park is the world's largest sculpture park made by a single artist.

Vigeland Sculptures

Some of the amazing statues in Frogner Park the Vigeland installation.

Monolith Tower

Construction of the massive monument began in 1924 when the sculptor Gustav Vigeland himself modeled it out of clay in his studio.

Vigeland Sculptures

Another view of the amazing monolith tower in Vigeland's Frogner Park.


Some of the beautiful flora found in Frogner Park.

Iron Gates

One of the many intricate iron gates in Frogner Park.

Group Shot

A group shot in Frogner Park in front of the main fountain.

The Bird Stare

Caught a bird on a statue in a perfect stare down.

Serpant Statue

A high rising statue of a serpant and a woman. Also in Frogner Park.


Some of Norway's fabulous architecture. The building on the left is a museum.

Street Art

Walking around Norway there is some extremely cool street art.


One of the stunning views of a castle in Norway.

Viking Museum

The Gokstad ship was built around 890 AD, at the height of the Viking period. It was a fast and flexible ship that was suitable for voyages on the high seas.

Severin & Lars

Hahah who gave these 2 weapons at the museum.

Viking Museum

The Viking Museum in Norway houses 3 different Viking Ships and hundreds of artifacts.

Family Fun

Little Family fun in one of the museums in Bergen, Norway.


Stop in Lillehammer before moving more north to our next destination in Norway.


Cool building with grass roof. Part of a great stop along our long bus ride.

Treats from the Guides

Our guides Pål and Gabriella were generous enough to buy donuts....yummm.

Lillehammer Olympic Ski Jump

A zoomed in shot of the Olympic Ski Jump in Lillehammer, Norway.


Perfect light through a cross during our Lillehammer stop in Norway.

Pondorama :D

Panorama of a pond in Lillehammer. The lush green was gorgeous.

Small Town

A small town with a raging river tearing through the middle of it. North of Lillehammer.

Vertical Panorama

A vertical panorama of the river that splits a town. Standing on the bridge.


Our destination for the night in a high mountain pass in Norway.

Elveseter Rooftop

Lots of cool places to explore at the Elveseter. It was like a little village.

Elveseter Monolith

Located in the front of the elvester is this giant monolith.

Waterfall Stop

A stop at some powerful waterfalls while passing through the mountains in Norway.

Group Picture

A group picture in the mountains with our amazing driver Mats.

Little Fishing Huts

Little fishing huts in the high mountain pass through Norway.

Cold Beauty

A cold barren landscape yet still beautiful. On the way to Bergen, Norway.

Pål's Humour

Our guide has a fantastic sense of humour as you can see. :p

More Humour

Everyone got a good laugh at this one as the ground was about a foot down. Hahahaha

Soo Close!

Lars and Severin re-creating Pål's awesome idea.

Majestic Panorama

Majestic mountains on the bus ride to Bergen, Norway.

Fjord Panorama

Stop for lunch at a fjord in Norway. Was a Favourite stop for sure.

Fjord Swim

A swim in the fjord. Pål playing jokes again.

Group Cheers

A group taste of Akvavit after a great lunch and a swim.

Another Fjord

Just enough time to jump into another fjord before hopping on a ferry.

Fjord Scenery

Some stunning scenery while on the ferry traveling up the arm of a fjord.

Fjord Beauty

So much beautiful scenery while traveling the fjords its hard to pick pictures.

Dried Cod

Dried cod, Bergens largest source of income a long time ago.

Bergen Water Front

The shopping along Bergen's Water Front. Near the famous fish market.

Human Skull Remains

Remains of a Viking found in a museum in Bergen, Norway.

Bergen City

A black and white shot of Bergen from the mountain top.

Pål's Perfect Dessert

Pål makes the perfect dessert. Pouring that perfect cross is impossible by the way.


A shot of Bergen from the mountain top. We loved the views up there.

Spider Lars

Lars having a little fun on our walk down the mountain in Bergen.

Walk Down The Mountain

Some lush greenery going down the mountain in Bergen.

Small Castle

A small castle found at Kylemore Abbey. Solo trek in Ireland

Nature Around The Abby

The trees surrounding Kylemore Abby. Good nature walk around the Abby.

Nature Walk

A short walk past Kylemore Abby are the wishing fingers of a giant.

Kylemore Abby Panorama

A shot of the Kylemore Abby and the surrounding water.

Rocks of Ireland

The rocky beauty that encompasses Dublin and most of Ireland.

Ireland's Rock Walls

In order to plant crop the rocks removed from the feilds are used to build walls.

Beauty In The Distance

Solid rock shore of Ireland with the Cliffs of Moher in the background.

Irish Castles

Intriguing little castles like this one cover Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

Lars staring thoughtfully at the gargantuan size of the Cliffs of Moher.

Rock Wall

An upclose picture of how some of the rock can be stacked and aligned.


We crossed many creepy ancient graveyards that gave lasting chills.

Captivating Cliffs

Cliffs and a shoreline that captivates the soul.

Stone Work Cross

The work with the stone was very interesting in Ireland.

Ginger Hawk Lars

Little jump into the Irish Sea. Hahah the photo may have been manipulated...just a little.

Ray & Agnes

Ray and his mom Agnes near the beginning of the Ireland tour.

Agnes, Severin & Sherry

Agnes, Severin and Sherry standing outside ruins in Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

Ray, Sherry and Severin standing on top of the Cliffs of Moher.


A small tower on the top of the Cliffs of Moher.

Large Rock at Moher Cliffs.

All the little spots on this giant rock are thousands of different types of birds.

Castle Panorama

A broken down old castle on the way to Dingle, Ireland.

Dingle Crystal

A stop at the Dingle Crystal factory for a demonstration.

Seagull Friends

If I had a pet seagull his first name would be Steven for sure...Steven Seagull. :p

Ireland Flora

The colour stole my eye of this awesome looking flower.

Irish Shorline

The shoreline during a short stop on our way to Dingle, Ireland.

Milltown House

Our great stay The Milltown House where our guide Stephen went above and beyond to make us feel at home.

Irish Navy Ship

An Irish Navy ship blocking the enterance into the Dingle Bay.

Cliffs in Dingle Bay

While out looking for Dingles famous dolphin these ominous cliffs presented themselves.

Dingle Whiskey Distillery

A visit through the astonishing Dingle Whiskey Distillery.

Irish Sunset

A perfect setting sun during a leisurely walk in Dingle, Ireland.

3 Generations in Front of Milltown House

Our favourite spot in Ireland thanks to our gracious guide Stephen.

Irish Castle

A great stop on the Irish Tour and very cool castle inside and out.

Stephen and Group

Our gracious guide and group mid applause after a well done tour of a castle.

Irish Street Art

A large peice of art encountered during one of our Irish walking tours.

Library at Trinity College

The huge acient library located at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Castle

Another awesome castle during a walking tour in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Statues

Dublin's building had intracite statues everywhere.

Bog Bodies

Bodies that where found in a bog perfectly preserved for hunderds of years.

Rock of Cashel

A super interesting tour and explanation of the the Rock of Cashel.

Group Picture

The Irish group tour picture at the Rock of Cashel.

Irish Flora

Some more beautiful Irish flora. Again the coulours caught my eye.

O'Connell Grave

In Glasnevin Cemetery lies the historically the famous O'connell grave.

Irish Graveyard

A graveyard with thousands of graves in it. Dublin, Ireland.

Agnes Pouring a Guiness

Agnes pouring a Guiness at the end of our Ireland Tour.

Its not the destination
but the journey we should love.


& The Awesome Tours

The Best of Scandinavia June 25-July 8/17

Sherry, Ray, Severin and Lars Peterson started their Rick Steves’ Best of Scandinavian Tour in Sweden. It was apparent right from the beginning that our tour guides Pål & Gabriella and our bus driver Mats along with our band of merry travellers we’re embarking on a magical adventure. The fun began in Stockholm with an awesome, extremely knowledgeable guide whom later dramatically revealed (down on one knee) that he was Gabriella’s father.

Onto the great Kalmar Castle where the scary part was contemplating being a prisoner in that dungeon.

In Copenhagen, Severin and Lars tackled a team of purse-snatchers while walking back from our phenomenal Danish dinner and became our heroes for the trip. Our guides volunteered their time to take us on a surreal tour to Christiania and everybody chose to come

The Viking ship museums in Sweden and Denmark were spectacular however Norwegian being our heritage, it was no surprise the one in Oslo had much more to offer. :)

The beautiful, charming island of Ærø is known for the mass amount of weddings held there each year. Here we had a scrumptious traditional Danish Christmas dinner where Pål (our remarkable guide) won the cream pouring dessert contest. Again, our giving guides volunteered their time to lead a bicycle tour of the island. During the bus tour, the Canadian contingent made sure Canada Day was celebrated by singing the national anthem, waving flags, making Pål an honorary one and handing everyone a glow in the dark special edition toonie.

In Oslo, one of our favourite highlights was Frogner Park, the Vigeland installation which is the the largest sculpture park by one artist in the whole world.

On the way through giant country we stopped for a group picture surrounded by snow. We then ventured to the head of a fjord for a barbeque lunch. The crazy Canadians and our honorary Canadian Pål all took a very chilly dramatic plunge into the fjord along with a celebratory shot of Akvavit. After staying the night in at the Elveseter in the high mountain pass, we headed down to the gorgeous city of Bergen. We took the funicular to top of Mount Floyen where the goats charmed Severin & Lars. That night, we finished our tour with a fabulous farewell feast.

Throughout the entire tour, our guides made sure we experienced local stories, traditional foods, pictures and songs typical of the areas we traveled through.

Heart of Ireland Tour July 16–23/17

Immediately after the Scandinavian tour, Ray’s mother Agnes joined us for our second Rick Steve’s Heart of Ireland Tour. This trip was instigated by Agnes who found out she has Irish ancestry. Sherry also found out she was almost ½ Irish the day the trip started. We began the tour in a stately historic hotel and pub in Ennis.

On our way to Dingle, we experienced the jaw-dropping Cliffs of Moher. We then settled into the quaint Milltown guesthouse. Stephen, our guide, was an amazing host and provided first class hospitality and entertainment. He also introduced us to the famous Dingle Gin and Elderflower Tonic cocktail...MMM!. We also enjoyed the Dingle Crystal craftsmanship and Irish whiskey tasting. After enjoying the culture, music and people of Dingle, we headed out to the Rock of Cashel. Here we were awed by the spiritual experience from time immemorial and the perfect place for a group photo. Our time on the bus was filled with Stephen’s glorious historical stories and singing.

In Dublin, we visited the impressive Book of Kells in Trinity College. We also learned of the strong Viking influence connecting both of our heritages. We ended our tour in Dublin, the evening U2 played their 30th anniversary of Joshua Tree concert, which was almost as impressive as Agnes pouring a perfect Guinness after one lesson from the Hotel Manager. :D

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